6St. Joseph's

St. Joseph's Adult Group Home


  • 6 Senior residents
  • Group Home
  • Pinckney, MI

Diane Everett

Diane Everett

Site Coordinator, Reliv Distributor

Providing rehabilitation opportunities, long term and end of life care for six seniors in a rural family setting. The ministry began out of a need to provide support for struggling families in our community who were unable to afford caregivers for respite care during family emergencies, vacations and activities that were incompatible with their loved ones needs. It continued to evolve into full time care as several elderly patients were in need of placement.  "Many of our 11 children had grown up and space became available. We have had the privilege of providing end of life care along with faith based services and hospice both inside and outside of our home. Reliv has allowed several of our residents to rehabilitate and return home as well as improve the quality of life of those who remain in need of full time care. We are privileged to be a recipient of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation allowing us to serve our community."
Diane Everett

Site Coordinator/Reliv Distributor