Sandy Montgomery

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The Legacy of Sandy Montgomery

Sandy Montgomery, Co-Founder of Reliv, had a commitment and compassion toward Reliv and the Kalogris Foundation.   The Sandy Montgomery Compassion Award, introduced and presented for the first time at the 2015 Reliv International Conference, was inspired by Sandy Montgomery’s favorite flower, the bird of paradise.   

“I wanted to come up with something in the Foundation that would honor her forever for all the support she has provided,” said RKF Chairman Scott Montgomery.   “The bird of paradise symbolizes so much that she is and represents: strength (the long stalk), rare beauty (exotic appearance), joyfulness (vibrant colors) and more. The bird of paradise, like my mom, is one of a kind — giving flight to dreams, freedom and happiness.”



This award recognizes selfless compassion for others, demonstrated daily by dedicated representatives of the RKF who operate feeding centers throughout the Reliv world.

2016 Recipients

Mrs. Lork Kheng, Field Director - Cambodia

Anne Gunasekera, Field Director - Sri Lanka

Lydia Paul, Area Coordinator - Cambodia, Malaysia & Sri Lanka

Beth Perez, Site Coordinator - Philippines

George & Blessie Padilla, Area Coordinators - Philippines

Reggie Ament, RKF Director/2006 - 2016


2015 Recipients

Taylor Benson, Area Coordinato - Peru

Kathy Brawley, Area Coordinator - Haiti 

Jane Brawley, Kathy’s mother and responsible for introducing Reliv to those in need in Haiti

Dr. Emmanuel Mareus (Dr. Manno), Director of RKF programs in Haiti