RKF Construction


Rehab Projects in Haiti



RKF Children's Home

Construction - 2011


In 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. Distributors were very concerned and began donating for relief work for Haiti into a special fund. The Foundation spent over 10 months trying to determine the best way to have those donations make a lasting impact in Haiti. The result was the construction of the RKF Children’s Home. The home was built in cooperation with the local Catholic Cathedral of Cap Haitien, which has the hands-on operating responsibility for the home. 

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As we began expanding programs, there was certain locations where the programs could be enchanced if the facilities were provided with enhancements.  Along with the RKF Children's home, Dr. Manno helped identify the following building re-hab projects over the years that the RKF has been proud to implement.  



Liberale School/Community Center

Construction - 2008



Bois Lance Nutrition Center/School/Church

Construction- 2009



Emmaus School 

2010 Re-hab



St. John the Baptist National School

2013 - Re-hab


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