Letter from the Chairwoman

In June of 2022, I had the honor of taking over as the President and Chairwoman of the

Reliv Kalogris Foundation (RKF). The RKF has grown and thrived under the direction of Scott Montgomery for the past 17 years and I am excited to work with Executive Director, Lisa McCain, and Area Coordinator, Kathy Brawley, and all the others to continue the Foundation’s work.

From its founding, Reliv's core mission has been to Nourish Our World. Through the work of the RKF, the company along with our Distributors, Customers and other donors have broadened that mission, bringing health and hope to thousands of people in need worldwide.  

The Kalogris Foundation works at a grassroots level, providing nutritional support to people who would never have access to Reliv products.  A significant portion of the Foundation’s donations goes to support nutrition work in schools and clinics in impoverished areas in Haiti and the Philippines.  We also have families right here in the United States receiving short-term product support due to financial difficulty or a health crisis.

In 2021 The Reliv Kalogris Foundation distributed more than 3.1 million free Reliv shakes to over 27,000 individuals throughout 8 countries with the help of 700 volunteers. This gives strong testimony to the power of individuals to collectively make a difference in the lives of others.

I invite you to look at the faces of some of those whose lives are changing daily through your donations to the work of the Kalogris Foundation.  In addition, see how Reliv products are improving the health and lives of the children around the world through our testimonials here on our website.  Together we will continue our mission to Nourish Our World!


President and Chairwoman, Reliv Kalogris Foundation