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The Reliv Kalogris Foundation may be best known for our international programs, but did you know we provide nutrition to programs in the US as well as individuals across the US, Canada and European countries too?  As of 2019, the Foundation has provided product assistance to thousands of individuals and currently, 3 ongoing group programs.

Temporary assistance is provided to Reliv consumers who fall on physical or financial hardships.  Requests are made by distributors and temporary assistance is offered for 3 months.   An application for assistance should be completed and assessed by the RKF Staff.  Distributors play a huge role in our US programs.  They help identify people within their business or community who could use a helping hand through a rough time.  They are the eyes and ears of the foundation providing follow-ups and making sure the products are being used appropriately.

Ongoing programs consists of medical clinics, Alzheimer patients, ALS patients and religious orders.


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International Programs

The International programs are determined by the area coordinators in that region or country based on level of need, reliability of leadership, and logistical ease of access to the product.  Each area coordinator is responsible to determine that each nutrition site is properly run and that children are receiving NOW for Kids shakes on a regular basis.  To learn more about the countries the Reliv Kalogris Foundation serves and the area coordinators, click on the country of choice below.  



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