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Assistance Request Program
The Reliv Kalogris Foundation has a goal of impacting nutrition for people in need. The following guidelines apply: 

Applications will be accepted from active Reliv Distributors in good standing for a continuous period of at least one year.
To be considered:
  • The candidate must be a consumer of Reliv products and due to a temporary hardship, needs assistance to continue. 
  • Distributors are limited to 2 products per request, and no more than 2 requests per year. 
  • Please allow 8 weeks for product to ship. 
If the above requirements are met, click on this Assistance Request link to obtain an application form.
Donation Form
The Reliv Kalogris Foundation is proud to be able to say that our programs are supported through the donations from our Independent Reliv Distributors. Since we rely heavily on the generosity of our Distributors, it is important for our Distributor base to grow to allow for our donor base to grow.

Reliv offers our Distributors various options in which to donate. Whether it is a one time donation, a recurring monthly donation of a specific amount or your monthly PVQ, it all adds up to helping us continue to maintain our current nutrition programs and hopefully expand in the future. Simply click on this Donation Form and find an option that works best for you.