Under the Supervision of Area Coordinator, Lydia Paul



  • 6 Sites
  • Nutrition sites located in and around Phnon Pehn.
  • Over 300 children served 

Dr. Yos Phanita and Mrs. Lork Kheng 
Field Directors   


Dr. Yos Phanita began using Reliv products with HIV patients at a local hospital. His wife, Lork Kheng, was a congressional leader at that time and took on the responsibility of getting customs clearance for Reliv products, while developing nutrition programs in local schools. Mdm. Lork with the help of local volunteers oversees Reliv nutritional programs to these needy groups accordingly.  Dr. Phanita and Mdm. Lork, a member of Parliament, take the Reliv nutritional program very seriously and she personally visits the Reliv recipients to obtain feedback on a regular basis.  The Reliv nutritional program is very well received and recognized by the Senate and the PM's department also.  The Reliv Kalogris Foundation's nutrition program is only one aspect of Mdm. Lork's social concern in community projects. 


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